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Vision Statement



FrontLine is the electronic newsletter of the National Council.  As such, it reflects those principles for which the National Council stands.  FrontLine has the dual purposes of informing our readers and increasing membership and active participation in the National Council:


A.  To Inform


1. To highlight and inform all readers about issues important to the National Council.

2. To educate our members on the decisions made and positions taken by the National Council delegates, officers, and Executive Committee.

3. To promote and explain the positions and viewpoints taken by the National Council to those outside the management association community.

4. To give the independent and unfiltered field and teleservice center management perspective on issues facing the Social Security Administration.

5. To educate agency leaders, legislators and other interested readers on the challenges confronting the management and administration of the Social Security program and on other matters of interest.


B.  To Increase Membership and Active Participation


1. To encourage and increase management association membership by highlighting the activities of the regional management associations and the National Council; by spotlighting members and sharing their stories and letters; by soliciting written contributions from members and by including stories of interest to the membership.

2. To increase readership by making every issue of FrontLine visually appealing as well as informative and interesting to a wide variety of readers.

3. To help build stronger connections among National Council members by fostering a stronger sense of belonging and commitment to the association and its principles.  

4. To encourage and inspire the active participation of our members, which is critical to our success as an organization.



The primary audience of FrontLine are our members, the over 3400 members of field and teleservice center management in the Social Security Administration.  Other intended readers include those members of SSA management not in the National Council, agency leaders, legislators, and the general public interested in the Social Security program.



The views expressed in FrontLine by contributors, e.g. letters to the editor, guest editorials, etc., represent solely the views of the respective contributors.  Staff editorials reflect the views of the editors, and should not be assumed to reflect the formal positions or views of the National Council or the Social Security Administration.  This disclaimer policy will be stated in each issue of FrontLine.


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