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Resolution Round-up

Monday, February 8, 2016

A resolution, per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem.”  NCSSMA and its members are committed to raising important issues and concerns to our agency leaders and working, in partnership with them, to find answers and solutions.  We do that by making a few New Year’s resolutions ourselves each year.  


At the national meeting, NCSSMA executives and elected regional delegation members compile hot button issues raised by our members  and develop road maps of how to help address those topics.  There were 21 resolutions adopted at the 2015 national meeting.  Once a resolution is approved, it is assigned to a committee composed of NCSSMA members throughout the nation, who are charged with gathering information, consolidating ideas, and working with agency leaders, Congress, and others to address the issues and improve our agency and the essential services it provides.  


While this newsletter is too short to include highlights about all of the resolutions, the following is an abbreviated sampling of a few resolutions.  


• Resolution 3 involves Social Security’s need to continue to provide community-based service options.  NCSSMA recognizes the importance of automation and online service options for customers, but is committed to advocating for a strong, viable network of community-based field offices as well.  


• Resolution 12 addresses hiring authorities that, sometimes limit our ability to hire diverse and qualified employees.  In Fiscal Year 2016, NCSSMA will support revisions to the Pathways Recent Graduates Program hiring authority or the creation of new hiring authorities to allow more flexibility in recruiting.


• Representative payee workloads continue to be very labor intensive, so it was no surprise that Resolution 13, which identified some of the challenges this workload presents, was adopted in FY 2015.   NCSSMA is hopeful that changes in Social Security Administration rules and regulations, additional training and quality initiatives, and systems upgrades will simplify the processing of representative workloads.  


• Something of key importance is field office and TSC staffing and agency funding.  Resolution 20 addresses this concern and identifies how the loss in human resources adversely affects service delivery, performance, quality, and program integrity.  NCSSMA will work with the Acting Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner for Operations (DCO) to advocate for suitable replacement of field office and TSC staff and continue our efforts with Congress to provide sufficient funds for our agency’s operations.  


There’s a saying, “what gets written down, gets done.” The establishment of NCSSMA’s resolutions is the first step to help our organization identify and establish a plan to address important issues for our membership and the Social Security Administration.      


Click here to read all of our resolutions.


By Peggy Rogers

Kansas City Region

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