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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I want to bid farewell as I leave my East Brunswick NJ Teleservice Center (TSC) Manager, NCSSMA TSC Representative, and NYRMS TSC Representative positions, respectively.  First, let me say, it is with great regret that I will no longer hold these positions. Although there is uncertainty and sadness as my entire career with the Social Security Administration (SSA) thus far has been in the TSC, change is inevitable. I now look forward to a new position that brings forth new challenges and adds more diverse experience to my career.


I encourage all TSC management to join their regional Associations, you will broaden your knowledge, have career resources by enhancing your network, opportunities to share your skills, access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done, and my final thought, it is important to be proactive about things that matter.


During these last few years the membership has provided support, and through your encouragement and guidance, I have been able to excel at promoting the TSC perspective. I have shared a unique camaraderie, which I hope will continue in the years to come. I leave these positions with a great network of business associates who I know I will be able to reach out to in my new position.


The TSC was implemented in October 1988 to be an initial point of contact between the public and SSA. The callers into the N8NN today are calling with complex issues; callers with simple matters can handle them through automated system or online systems. As the needs of the caller have changed, so has the knowledge basis for the TSC Customer Service Representative. TSC management serves a vital role in ensuring the TSC perspective is raised at every juncture, as we are often the first to identify an issue. This past year’s Medicare hold harmless and the programmatic changes from the Bipartisan Budget Act necessitated that we raise concerns about the need for accurate information to guide the public.


NCSSMA and NYRMS will no doubt have equally talented TSC Representatives succeed me. I believe that within an organization there is a responsibility for passing on your knowledge and your relationships to ensure the place you move on from is in at least as good a shape as when you were elected. Paving the way for my successor is not only a nice thing to do; it is the right thing to do. To those who follow, keep in mind you will receive what you put into it.


The closings of East Brunswick, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee TSCs in September 2016 bring to question the future of other small TSCs. We have seen Upper Darby, Boston, Golden, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, St. Paul, St. Louis, Buffalo, and Portland TSCs, as well as others that have closed, been re-missioned, or consolidated. NCSSMA and your regional management associations will be your biggest ally if you find yourself in this position. I encourage you to foster and promote those relationships so your voice is heard in elevating concerns unique to the TSC. As management, we often cannot control what is happening, but we can control the way we respond and successfully lead a transition; that is where your power is.


Dorrie Pedalino

New York Region

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