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Self-Help PC Proof of Concept

Friday, December 2, 2016

I am extremely excited to share information about the Self-Help PC Proof of Concept project my office, Rio Rancho, NM, began piloting on August 3, 2015.  We have four SHPCs housed in our reception area.  They are located against the north wall, on a bank of individual carrels that provide a secure, private place for the public to file their claims, replace their Social Security cards, register for mySocialSecurity accounts, or estimate their retirement benefits, just to name a few of our popular online services.  


Our employees love this concept, as do our customers.  For FY 2016 we had 4,216 SHPC completed transactions, the majority of which were mySocialSecurity Activations (2,111) and Initial Claims (1,457).  Our employees never go into the lobby for any purpose, as we have a telephone style intercom that the public uses to ask questions of our SHPC Coordinator, whose window is located directly across from the bank of SHPCs.  Our SHPC Coordinator also has an individual monitor dedicated to the SHPCs, with toggle switches that allows him/her to see exactly what is going on at each of the four SHPCs, so we can assist with questions or issues that the applicant may have.  


We have workflows in place to keep track of all our customers who we refer to the SHPCs, to ensure they always submit a finished product.  The visitor is educated on the entire process at initial screening by the CSR/CS/TE who pulls their visitor number on VIPr. We give them handouts with screen shots and instructions that simplify the process from start to finish.


Our employees have bought into the process and view the SHPC as a valuable addition to the services we provide.  In addition, the public has become more comfortable using the online services and we find that some visitors elect to use online services again rather than returning to the office in the future. It has been an extremely successful pilot and I hope this becomes a staple in all field offices in the very near future.  


James Sandoval

Dallas Region



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