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Replacement PIV Cards - Making a Successful Transition

Friday, November 4, 2016

With the advent of laptops, McAfee, and ESSO, use of PIV cards is now a fact of life at SSA.  Many cards have been in circulation long enough to expire and need replacement.  It is easy for a user to forget the replacement card needs to be registered with McAfee by answering their three security questions.  ASCs and SysCos frequently receive calls from users receiving error messages with their new PIV cards.  They may or may not indicate it is a replacement, but for a small but telling clue.  After much trial and error, we have learned to ask.  It has been especially problematic due to the recent problems with McAfee and DEEP Command not functioning properly.


Managers can head off these problems by having the users follow the instructions at the link below when issuing the replacement card.  The laptop should be 1) at the Control + Alt + Delete screen and 2) the user connected to the SSA network and not teleworking.  Here is the link:  https://s3e1068/hspd12/lacs/Replacement-PIV-Card-Procedure.pdf


A secondary problem occurs when users cannot recall the answers to their three security questions.  There are two different ways of resolving this problem, depending on whether or not the user is logged onto the laptop.  If so, right-clicking on the person icon in the systems tray and selecting the option Manage Security Questions will walk the user through a reset of the questions and answers.  If the user is not logged on and the laptop is at the McAfee screen, refer to page 8 of the FDE – End Users Guide located at the Security Action Team McAfee SharePoint.  The user should be able to reset the answers to the security questions without calling the NCC and being on hold.   Please note, users need to reset both McAfee and ESSO after receiving a new card.


A manager may proactively avert the security question problem by asking the user if they remember the answers before the replacement PIV card is issued.  The questions can be reset before the new card arrives at the office.


We hope this information is helpful.  As always, your ASC/SysCo is available to assist.



By Richard Harms, Emi Ishino, John Votipka

Seattle Region


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