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Chicago TSC Meet and Greet Poster on 6/2/16 – Great opportunity for the staff to meet the new Booster Club committee

Chicago TSC Booster Club – Breast cancer awareness and survivor’s board

Employee Club Boosts Morale in the TSC

Friday, July 1, 2016


The Chicago TSC has created a fun and innovative club to improve morale in their office. Two inspiring supervisors, Emma Lee and Quinn Curtis, lead the Booster Club. They solicited the staff to find employees who were willing to showcase their leadership, creativity, and fresh ideas to promote positivity amongst the TSC. This diverse group of employees is naturally talented, and has the ability to encourage their peers to participate in events during lunches and breaks. These events can range from TSC spirit week, team unity day, Connect Four tournaments, and events featured around special holidays.


The goal of the Booster Club is to get employees engaged and excited about coming to work, especially during high-level phone days, in an effort to boost morale and employee attendance. The Booster Club has been successful in increasing employee attendance because the staff is excited about the events in which they either can win prizes or receive tasty treats. The employees get the opportunity to see their peers plan for events, give speeches, or observe members of management and employees taking pictures for “Wacky Hat Wednesday.” The winners of these fun-filled events are the celebrities of the day.


While the Booster Club has been successful in promoting morale in the Chicago TSC, it has brought awareness to the staff’s many talents that might go unnoticed otherwise. Winston Churchill stated, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Every office in SSA should have a club or committee that is responsible for boosting morale. It is imperative that people smile at work, feel important, and know they are making a difference.

Sythera Pride-Paulus

Chicago Region

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