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Tips and Tricks - Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


As you may have read, SSA is changing the method we use to log into our workstations by using the Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO) application. ESSO allows users to log into many applications without having to remember usernames and passwords. Employees will only need their PIV card and PIV card PIN, and ESSO will take care of the rest.  Although ESSO’s purpose is to assist us, not all interactions have been positive. Below you will find some tips that can be useful in assisting ESSO users.


• ASCs will not be able to reset passwords, and management can only reset the password one time a day.  Managers must call the help desk at 1-877-697-4889 to reset it more than once.


• As long as they know the answers to their three security questions, users can reset their own passwords through the Self Service Password Request (SSPR) at the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen.  If they do not know the answers to their three security questions, they will need to call the Help Desk.  The answers to the three security questions are neither case nor space sensitive.


• When a user gets suspended or locked out of a program due to password issues, follow these steps:


1. Have the PCOM password reset.

2. Close PCOM.

3. In the lower right menu tray, open the QESSO SSOWatch program.

4. Right click on CICS_PROD and disable the program.

5. Open PCOM.  Because you disabled the auto log-on program, you can change the password in PCOM from the     .                 default password.

6. Log off your computer.

7. Log back onto your computer using your HSPD-12 pin.


By Carla Medeiros

Boston Region


Wrong password.