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Editorial Correction

Monday, March 21, 2016


In the September 2015 issue of FrontLine, our “Resolution Roundup” article addressing LIs and RZs contained a mistake regarding DOWR categories.  When discussing the category “SSI change”, we had stated it was DOWR category 24.  This was incorrect, as “SSI change” is DOWR category 51. We apologize for the error and are including the corrected excerpt below:


• When your technicians report working on an LI, please make sure it is only reported as category 11 if we are still permitted to clear LIs.  If we are not permitted to clear LIs, it should be reported as category 51.  Excessive reporting of LIs when we are not clearing them will result in vastly inflated DOWR times for LIs.

FrontLine Tips & Tricks

Monday, March 21, 2016


Several flash mentoring events have occurred in which outstanding speakers encouraged employees by giving them career advice. These are my top five takeaways:


1. Do your current job well by being adaptable, flexible, and a problem solver.


2. Learn from your mistakes and take ownership. Try to turn your adversity into success.


3. Do not get discouraged if you applied for jobs and were not selected. Talk to your manager regarding areas in

which you can grow. And by all means, find an outstanding mentor.


4. Learn from everyone you come in contact with. Great leaders have people they can trust.  They are also active

listeners and great observers.


5. Hold on to your dreams and invest in yourself. Create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Create and

envision your career goals, and continue to give advice to someone else who is looking to advance their career.


By Sythera Pride-Paulus

Chicago Region

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