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Is my voice being heard?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Yes, it is! Everyone in field and TSC management wants to see improvement in the appointed-representative process, and NCSSMA continues to fight the good fight. We have passed resolutions regarding appointed-representative issues each year and the NCSSMA Executive Committee (EC) has consistently shared our concerns with SSA executives and stakeholders via letters, position papers, emails, and conference calls. NCSSMA remains actively engaged regarding this issue because it is vitally important to our membership.


In the last few weeks, SSA executives and NCSSMA have begun formulating a plan to conduct an outreach campaign focused on the large national firms that produce the most paperwork for SSA. This outreach will aim to encourage appointed-representatives to take advantage of SSA’s electronic services. As large national law firms are successfully educated on the best way to conduct business with the agency, field offices should start feeling some relief.


NCSSMA is very pleased to be part of planning SSA’s outreach campaign; however we (and SSA leadership) understand that the long-term solution to our appointed-representative issues must come in the form of systems improvements. A scathing description of our appointed-representative systems issues can be found in a comment on a popular Social Security News blog. We fully recognize there are some grave issues with our appointed-representative system, and NCSSMA will continue to push for systems improvements as the most significant means to improve the appointed-representative process.


By Mike McHugh

Chicago Region

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