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Welcome to NCSSMA!

The National Council is dedicated to improving management and program administration in the Social Security Administration (SSA) by ensuring that the knowledge and experience of front-line management are included in all phases of agency planning and decision making. For over forty years NCSSMA has served as the unfiltered voice of SSA management and has been guided by our principles to achieve our mission. NCSSMA adheres to the following principles:


•     We will uphold the highest standards of professionalism maintaining constancy of purpose and integrity in all of our endeavors.

•     We will encourage political and administrative policies that best serve the public interest.

•     We will promote decentralized community based service as the hallmark of social insurance service delivery.

•     We will use the diversity of our members’ talents, skills, knowledge and experience to maximize our effectiveness.

•     We will cooperate constructively with all responsible SSA officials.


NCSSMA has a seventeen member Executive Committee that oversees the association. Members of the committee include the five nationally elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and TSC Representative), the Immediate Past President, the Executive Officer, and the Regional Presidents of the ten regional management associations. NCSSMA has a Government Relations Consultant which represents the organization in Washington, D.C.


If you are in SSA management and thinking about becoming a member, please go to Membership, which has all the

information to assist you. For visitors to the NCSSMA website, please see the About Us and FrontLine sections for

more information about our organization.


Chris Detzler, NCSSMA President


The capacity to translate vision into reality.

—Warren Bennis

The National Council of Social Security Management Associations is the unfiltered voice for over 3,400 members of SSA's management team in 1,262 field offices and 35 teleservice centers!

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